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Your next big idea is just beside you...

Have you ever felt stuck, searching for new ideas or inspiration?

The truth is, some of your best ideas may already be right in front of you, hidden within the pages of your own notebooks.

In this week’s newsletter, we'll explore the power of reviewing your past notes and ideas, and how they can serve as a valuable source of inspiration for your creative journey.

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Blaming The Teacher

Wait, let me first share with you why I’m sharing my thoughts on this topic now.

I remember I had this one mentee who was angry with me so bad that he chose to attack me aggressively online.

That person keeps telling other people that I’m a “scammer” because he/she (I chose not to reveal the sex) didn’t get a client and can’t remember everything I taught, therefore I’m ineffective, that person said.

I’m gonna be honest, that hurt me.

I lost my confidence in teaching during those times.

I’m still trying to recover from that, then I realized after several reflection sessions with myself and other people that my mentees’ progress are not totally dependent on me.

I tried to figure why that happened…

Until I realize, I somehow act like that way sometimes.

Sometimes, I blame other people for not teaching me well.

Not realizing that I, as the learner, am responsible with my own learning.

And being responsible with your own learning means you keep notes, apply your learning as soon as possible (you wait for a long time, that will vanish), and review these notes in the future as well.

This idea was proven somehow when I had encountered some of my notebooks when I moved to Manila from Leyte.

Well, I needed to because I need to choose what to bring and what not to bring.

So accidentally, I was able to scan past notes and saw a lot of valuable learning I can still apply and in most cases, relevant to my current challenges.

Paralyzed With Too Much Information

Self-doubt and the abundance of information online can lead to a belief that you need to learn more before you can apply our knowledge.

However, this often results in analysis paralysis, where you become stuck in a cycle of overthinking and lack of action.

By talking about this, you can address the common misconception that you need to know everything before taking action, and instead encourage yourself to trust in our existing knowledge and experiences.

This is also why sometimes, even if you enroll to multiple courses and watch hundreds of tutorials, you don’t feel like they’re moving forward.

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I learned from Austin Kleon from his book “Steal like an artist” that reviewing your past notes and ideas can serve as a treasure trove of inspiration for new ideas.

By reviewing your past notes and ideas, you can tap into your existing knowledge and find inspiration to take action.

Breaking the Endless Learning Cycle and Proceeding to Implementation Instead

Constantly seeking more knowledge without taking action can hinder your growth and productivity.

Applying what you already know allows you to learn through experience and refine your skills.

Break tasks into manageable steps and seek support and accountability from a supportive network.

Surround yourself with peers, mentors, or friends who can provide encouragement and hold you accountable to taking action.

Start applying what you know, and embrace the learning that comes from taking action.

Remember, you already have what it takes to succeed.


  • Your best ideas are not far away; they are just waiting to be discovered in the pages of your own notebooks.

  • Tap into a wealth of inspiration from your past notes.

  • Embrace your own expertise, break free from analysis paralysis, and take action.

P.S. Consider joining my live workshop this coming Saturday, February 3. Learn the secrets to creating ads that outshine your competitors. Sign up now! 50 slots only.

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