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Before anything else, I'm looking for 5 business owners who will join my 1-on-1 personalized coaching about Facebook and TikTok Ads this February to March. Qualification is at least P200,000 ($4,000) revenue from business. If you're interested or if you know somebody, send me an email at




Yes, you read it right.


It’s a bold statement and perhaps you are thinking now this might be clickbait.


Nope, it’s not.


I encourage you to read until the end to get the full context.


First, let’s go define some terms:


What are ads?


Ads, short for advertisements, are promotional messages or content designed to attract attention and promote a product, service, or idea.


They are typically created and distributed through various media channels, such as television, radio, print publications, online platforms, and social media.


In my newsletter’s context, mostly we’re talking about social media ads, those “sponsored” posts that pages/businesses paid to get more reach.

What are sales?


Sales refer to the exchange of goods or services for a monetary value.

It is the process of converting potential customers into paying customers by convincing them to make a purchase.


It’s important to clarify this because there is a common misconception that running ads alone will guarantee immediate sales.


It is crucial for advertisers to recognize that effective marketing requires a holistic approach that integrates various strategies, such as organic marketing, content creation, and social media engagement, in addition to ads.


Angry business owner because of no sales from ads


I once encountered a person who was extremely frustrated and angry because he couldn't generate sales through his ads.


He firmly believed that Facebook was a scam and that they were just taking his money without delivering any results.


He saw it as a complete waste of time and resources.


When I spoke with him, I realized that his approach to running ads was flawed.


He had unrealistic expectations and believed that simply running ads would automatically translate into immediate sales.


He was solely focused on the ad platform and didn't consider the larger marketing context.


I explained to him that ads are just one piece of the marketing puzzle.


While they can increase visibility and attract potential customers, they alone cannot guarantee conversions.


I emphasized the importance of having a comprehensive and strategic marketing approach that integrates various strategies, such as organic marketing, content creation, and social media engagement, in addition to ads.


I shared examples of successful marketing campaigns I launched and consulted with from various clients that utilized a combination of different tactics, including ads, to achieve their sales goals.


I also highlighted the need for proper targeting, compelling messaging, and ongoing optimization to maximize the effectiveness of ads.


(There are some people who thinks after the first setup of ads, it will just be an effortless bank vomiting money all the time.)


By the end of our conversation, he began to understand that running ads requires a thoughtful and well-rounded approach.


He realized that blaming the ad platform alone was not fair, as it was his overall marketing strategy that needed improvement.


This experience taught me the importance of setting realistic expectations when it comes to running ads and teaching ads to clients.


I know there will be other advertisers who might react and say, “well, maybe you’re just doing it wrong.”


Yes, maybe.


But in most cases, I’m doing it right, yet my customers can’t connect with my message.


It might be too confusing at start, it might take some time for them to understand what we do.


That’s why another challenge to running ads is making sure your message is clear.


You confuse, you lose.


A common answer I get when I’ll have discovery calls and even strategy calls with clients is: “I want more engagements, and more sales! Can we do that at 100 pesos ($2) per day?”


I understand that we need to be careful with our spending with ads, but to be really careful, we need to clear up what we need as of now, at a certain point in time.


What is important to your business now? Leads? Direct purchases?

Engagements? Page follows?


What matters to you right now?


Then prioritize that.


When I ask business owners this, some will say: “we’ll we need sales, but would that increase our page likes, too? I really want to have 100,000 likes tomorrow”


Imagine an ad that will say: “love this post and buy now”


Which one will the customer do first?


What do you really want?


Let that sink in a bit.


In the book "The 1-Page Marketing Plan" by Allan Dib, the author suggests the rule of thumb of one ad, one objective.


This highlights the importance of focusing on a specific objective when running ads.


When discussing turning ads to sales, it is vital to know about Sales Funnel.

I have a lesson about this in my Facebook Ads Course and Media Buyer Academy.


Aside from that, you will learn a lot more from those courses.

By the way, ongoing updates are being done so all enrollees will get the update no matter when you enrolled.


The price might increase soon after I put the updates, so I suggest you enroll now to enjoy the more affordable price point.




  • Remember, ads can give you eyes, but they will not give you conversions alone. Some who sees your ad may not be ready yet to make that purchase, but maybe soon. Find a why to connect with them still.

  • Complement your ads with user-generated content (UGC) and collaborations with influencers/micro-creators that have identical audience with your business.

  • By combining ads with these organic marketing strategies, you can maximize your chances of converting those who have seen your ads into loyal customers. 

If you reached this point of this article/newsletter, congratulations! 

Not many people can read that long and your attention span for these kinds of information is through the roof! Amazing! 

I bet most of you who reached this point are people also struggling in building/scaling their business. 

If you happen to be a small business owner earning at least Php200K monthly or US$4000 and want to scale your growth through social media, I still have 1 remaining slot for my 1-on-1 coaching program where we will run Facebook/TikTok ads together for your business so you can have more customers. Just reply to this email if you’re interested.


Hope you learned something from this newsletter/blog.


'Til next time. Stay tuned for the video version of this soon on my YouTube channel.


-John Cornwill

Helping you (including myself) build an independent life.

Social Entrepreneur. Social Media Marketer.




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