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My struggles in creating content…

Have you struggled in doing something new?

Have you struggled in creating content because you’re shy about facing the camera?

You really wanna do it because you’ve seen it is working for others and you believe it can help you achieve your goals in life, but something’s holding you back.

I experience this struggle, too. (emphasis on present tense)

Struggle defined

First, let me share what struggle means in this context.

Struggle refers to the challenges and difficulties that individuals face when trying to pursue something new or unfamiliar.

We struggle when we have internal battle usually caused by self-doubt, which can hinder personal growth and progress.

By acknowledging and addressing your struggles, you can develop strategies to overcome them and make progress towards your goals.

It also helps you gain self-awareness and insight into your own limitations and areas for growth.

The inconsistency struggle and the waking up

For the past months, I was inconsistent with my content creation, and one big reason is:

I was stuck with the idea that people knew me for my content about Facebook and TikTok Ads, and are not interested in another type of content I want to make which is more about my entrepreneurial journey.

I’m afraid that if I change my typical content type, I will lose my followers.

And by believing in this thought, I became inactive and the effects of it are visible: not having new clients, my income decreased, i’m having frequent panic attacks because of anxiety and increasing self-doubt, thinking that I’m not good enough, and I don’t deserve teaching other people if I’m not good enough.

My only reference for this is the low views I get when I talk/share about this new type of content.

You might say that my basis for this doubt doesn’t make sense.

Yes, it doesn’t, as I realize now.

But before, it does make sense because it is what was visible to my eyes, and what was prevailing in my mind.

Until one day I realized that sometimes our thoughts twist reality, and I haven’t noticed that for a while.

BUT the world has its own way of reminding me of the impact I have made to other people.

For example, I still read new comments on my YouTube channel about how my free tutorials that helped them build their own businesses, get clients, grow their income, not to mention how my paying clients also made significant leaps in scaling their businesses with my guidance.

The same happened to my own social enterprise Bakás, where even we are currently encountering some challenges, we are constantly reminded of how our customers love our products and the cause we’re bringing through the brand, and even recently in a program I joined in the US where our mentors and other entrepreneurs validated the idea and saw its growth potential.

I was reminded of my why. The reason why I started sharing my knowledge and wisdom publicly.

And that is to help an average young Filipino like me build and grow their own small business to become independent.

Books that agree with me

All these realizations have been supported by what I learned from several books I’ve read.

Amanda Bucci on her book “Followed” said that content creators should use the opportunity to create content to become and develop their true authentic self.

This means to create content that fits the content creator’s own interests.

And from this I realized that I think I need to create content also for myself, and not just to please other people.

This will keep me creating what I love and enjoy what I do.

Another book reference is from the “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" book by Robert B. Cialdini.

I learned there the principles of persuasion, which are critical for making people interested in your solution or product, even if they weren't initially seeking it out.

I realized that the one purpose of marketing is not only look for people who are already thinking about your solution, but also make other people become interested.

Marketing is not just about reaching the interested, but also making other people become interested.

In order for me to build a strong personal brand, one that will help me grow my businesses, I need to build interest among my current audience, and not just find the “already interested.”

This may seem like a tough job to do, but it’s what building trust requires.

It takes time, but it doesn’t mean it will not happen eventually.

I actually included some applications of these Influence insights to my Facebook Ads Course and Media Buyer Academy.

I’m currently working on the updates to these courses I made and if you enroll to them now, you will benefit from those updates very soon.

Hope to see you there!

Now you may be thinking that I will really lose some of my audience if I will not stick to the content I originally created.

Yes, I may.

While shifting my content focus may lead to some followers dropping off, true engagement and growth come from attracting an audience that resonates with your authentic self.

By creating content that aligns with my own interests and passions, I have the opportunity to attract a more dedicated and engaged audience who genuinely connects with your message.

Quality over quantity is key when it comes to building a loyal following.

And if you will stay even after reading this article, please know that I appreciate you.

Thank you for staying.

Key points summary

To summarize, here are my key points that you might find helpful in whatever you do:

  • Build for yourself, and not just to please other people. It might take some time, but eventually, you will encounter people with the same problem and interest as you.

  • Marketing is not just about reaching the interested, but also making other people become interested. Your tribe will eventually find you, just keep creating.

  • It is okay to try while you’re scared. You will be amazed how your self-doubt can turn to self-confidence just by taking action consistently.

  • Practice self-compassion and understand that taking a break doesn't mean you've stopped your journey. It's okay to pause; it's a crucial part of growth, just as sleep is vital for our survival. Remember, pausing is not stopping. It's simply taking a moment to gather strength, gain perspective, and prepare for the next leap forward.

If you reached this point of this article/newsletter, congratulations!

Not many people can read that long and your attention span for these kinds of information is through the roof! Amazing!

I bet most of you who reached this point are people also struggling in building/scaling their business.

If you happen to be a small business owner earning at least Php200K monthly or US$4000 and want to scale your growth through social media, I still have 1 remaining slot for my 1-on-1 coaching program where we will run Facebook/TikTok ads together for your business so you can have more customers. Just reply to this email if you’re interested.

‘Til next time!

-John Cornwill Empowering you (including myself) to build an independent life.

Social Entrepreneur. Social Media Marketing Consultant.


P.S. I am now challenging myself to write and release more of these kinds of content. My goal is to send newsletter twice a week, every Monday and Thursday, 6AM, hoping that you get early doses of motivation from my writing.

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