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My first 2 email subscribers & my fail-proof plan with content marketing

This is the start of something. I’ve recently exposed myself to several resources through YouTube (Ali Abdaal) and Kindle (books of Austin Kleon) that inspired me to expose myself to the world (not just within my circle of friends on Facebook). You see, I’ve been a social media manager working on building brands that mark for certain audience but I didn’t think of going this far for my own. I remember I have multiple failed tries for this. \

First I built a Facebook group of Facebook Ads enthusiasts, but the need for maintenance is so demanding that I can’t manage the group and can’t publish my own contents there anymore. I started my own YouTube channel, and even hired a video editor for this, but I wasn’t consistent. I tried scheduling posts on Instagram and Facebook page, but again, I wasn’t consistent. There were numerous tries for this “influencer” dream.

I’ve always wanted to become a reliable and reputable content creator. But I’ll be honest that last year I realized I don’t deserve it yet. That time, I’ve ran few ad campaigns for few brands and my portfolio was almost blank yet. I think that was the result of me binge-watching YouTube videos — videos that will tell you that you can be an expert of this and this in just 1 hour! (damn this is super scammy and sketchy). After more experiences from clients and even my own business brand, I figured out that business and marketing are subjects that excite me, then I thought that I can confidently teach people about this — my personal experience, however minimal it was.

November 2021, just this month, I decided to quicken the launch of my website. Amidst the process were hesitations. So many of that — the money involved (since I’ve used subscription based platform Squarespace), the commitment (again this I presumed will be an issue), the time (where should I get this amid my many commitments), and the content (what else will be my blog topics?).

These 2 email subscribers were from my simple lead magnet created within a day, contents reused from my past uploads on TikTok. The integrations within Squarespace is so seamless that these two tasks — email marketing and website hosting — are easily manageable, without requiring professional assistance.

These 2 double opt-in subscribers (explains the sincerity) will be the start of it all. Now I need to read Austin Kleon’s ‘Show Your Work’ book in full so I will be continually inspired to do this blogging journey. By the way, in the past, I figured that video is really all I need to build my personal brand, but as I have been observing it, it takes so much of our time to publish just one video. With blogging, I can write now, edit later, and publish tomorrow. I just need something to write on, which the book I mentioned will be helpful on guiding me what to write (together with Kleon’s other book titled “Steal Like An Artist”).

Okay. That’s it for now. This is my first try with blogging directly to this site. Later, the “Google spiders” will start scrolling.

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