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Media Buyer Academy - Terms and Conditions

V1.0 August 12, 2023

1. **Ownership and Affiliation**:
The Media Buyer Academy is a digital product offered by Cornwill Media Digital Marketing Services, a company legally registered in the Republic of the Philippines.

2. **Enrollment and Access**:
Upon successful payment, students are enrolled in the Media Buyer Academy. Full program content will be made available starting September 2, 2023. Before this date, the academy is in a pre-selling phase, and enrolled students should not expect immediate access to content.

3. **Refund Policy**:
   - Refunds can be requested if the primary content of the program, as outlined on the landing page, is not made available by the stated release date.
   - Additionally, refunds are available within 7 days of the program's start date or the student's enrollment date if the enrollee feels the content does not offer sufficient value. After these 7 days, all sales are final.

   - The amount to be refunded is a resulting net against the fees from the payment platform.

4. **Intellectual Property**:
All content provided within the Media Buyer Academy remains the intellectual property of Cornwill Media Digital Marketing Services. Unauthorized redistribution, resale, or copying of any part of this content is strictly prohibited.

5. **Community Conduct**:
Members of the academy's community support group are expected to uphold a code of respect and professionalism. Behavior contrary to these standards may result in removal from the group without a refund.

6. **Privacy**:
Your personal and payment data are confidential and won't be shared with third parties, barring any legal requirements.

7. **Updates and Revisions**:
Cornwill Media Digital Marketing Services reserves the right to amend or update content within the Media Buyer Academy to maintain its relevance and quality.

8. **Limitation of Liability**:
While the academy seeks to offer accurate and current information, we do not guarantee specific results from following the strategies presented within the course.

9. **Exclusivity**:
Though the Media Buyer Academy provides exclusive materials and insights, we cannot guarantee job placement or a specific income post-completion.

10. **Termination**:
Cornwill Media Digital Marketing Services retains the right to revoke access for any student found violating these terms.

11. **Amendments**:
These terms and conditions might be updated occasionally. Registered students will receive notifications of crucial modifications.


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