Facebook and TikTok Ads Consultant


Facebook and TikTok Ads Consultant

Master Facebook Ads with this course without paying anything!

Save money by not enrolling to that expensive course you're dreaming of!

Learn how to create high-converting ads that drive results.


2,000+ Business Owners and Freelancers Enrolled

Learn practical tips from an expert that generated at least 10X ROI across all clients.

Who is John Cornwill?

- The “Facebook Ads Guy” on TikTok & YouTube with almost 100K followers across social media.

- He is a social entrepreneur and a social media ads consultant that aims to provide positive impact.

- A self-made young social entrepreneur, he works with local and international entrepreneurs to grow and scale their mission-driven businesses through social media advertising. He serves and mentors with passion, guiding his coaching clients to effectively run paid ads on Facebook & TikTok platforms and make their ventures sustainable.


Followers across social media.


Total budget of social media ads managed.


Generated 10X ROI in average across all clients.

1st Million

Helped several businesses earn their first figure sales 30 days.

What other people say about this course

Von Bautista

I really love the course! It's very informative and eye-opening. It's very genuine! 10/10 Best FB ads course. Underrated!

Kyah Rijn

Dapat pala hinintay ko to kesa magenroll sa 15K na course!

Michael Bentulan

Very Helpful John, thank you!! mas okay pa turo dito kesa sa ibang paid course. Yung iba ksing paid course yung tinuturo nila mga hindi naman applicable sa job or sa tasks talaga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this free? What’s the catch?

This is free because John Cornwill wants to prove to you that you can get started even without spending a dime. There’s a lot of free resources you can consume so you can get started as soon as possible.

The catch is no catch. There’s nothing held back just because this is free. This is beginner-to-pro course, and you can achieve the “Pro” level only when you apply what you learn here. A course will not make you rich, your actions will.

Is this good for beginners?

Yes. In fact, this is beginner-friendly. All videos are from practical experiences, they’re not all theoretical.

Until when can I have free access?

There’s no limited to the access as of now, so take your time to learn. Repeat lessons if you think you need to. Just don’t forget to apply and actually do it, because that’s the fastest way to learn.

Do you provide certificates for completers of this course?

Currently no. But you can request for one by emailing and providing proof that you finished the course already. A payment of $20 (Php 1,000) is required to get a certificate signed by John Cornwill.

Are there any live coaching?

No. If you want live coaching that is 1-on-1 with John Cornwill, sign up for an hourly consultation here (insert link)

Do I need a laptop for this?

Yes you have to. It is highly suggested that you apply immediately what you learn from this course. You can’t apply when you only have a phone.

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