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Media Buyer Academy

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Dive into the world of media buying with the Media Buyer Academy, a comprehensive digital program meticulously crafted for aspiring media buyers. Tailored to unlock the potential of Meta and TikTok advertising platforms, this program provides a holistic learning experience encompassing pre-recorded lessons, interactive Q&A sessions, and assignments that culminate in a portfolio-building exercise. Designed by John Cornwill, the curriculum is rooted in real-world application, ensuring learners are not just theoretically equipped but practically ready to handle real-world social media marketing challenges. Whether you're just starting out or seeking to up-skill, the Media Buyer Academy is your definitive guide to mastering the nuances of media buying in today's dynamic digital landscape. By enrolling, you agree to the Terms and Conditions: After enrolling, send an email to for your access to Facebook Ads Course.





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Media Buyer Academy

Media Buyer Academy

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