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1-on-1 Consultation Call with John Cornwill - Terms and Conditions

V1.0 June 3, 2023

1. Scope of Consultation: The primary objective of the consultation is focused on Meta/TikTok Ads. However, other areas within digital marketing, media buying, and entrepreneurship may be discussed, provided both the consultant and client mutually agree during the session. All content discussed during the call will be accounted for.

2. Payment and Rate: To ensure an organized and efficient scheduling process, full payment must be made prior to confirming a consultation slot. The consultant will only allocate time slots once the payment has been processed and received in full. The consultant's services are billed on an hourly basis and the hourly rate increase from time to time. The consultant reserves the right to increase or change the rate. Client will be informed of the current rate or offer and must agree and pay before scheduling the call. If the duration of the session exceeds the prepaid time, the consultant retains the right to request additional payment for the extended period. 

3. No Guarantees: While the consultant will provide insights and strategies based on extensive experience, it is expressly communicated that there are no guarantees that all issues raised will be resolved immediately after the session.

4. Refunds and Rescheduling: Refunds will not be issued if the client cannot adhere to the scheduled consultation time. However, in unforeseen circumstances, the consultant will offer alternative slots for rescheduling. Clients must provide a notification 2-3 days in advance if they wish to reschedule.

5. No Shows and Lateness: Failure of the client to attend the scheduled consultation will result in the time being considered as utilized. It is imperative for the client to be punctual. For instance, if the consultation is set for 10 AM and the client joins at 10:30 AM, the session will conclude by 11 AM. The consultant retains the right to consider additional charges based on lateness or extensions.


6. Access to Recording and Privacy: The consultation call will be recorded for the client's subsequent reference. The recording will not be published online. However, if the client provides verbal consent during the call — typically in the feedback section or any other segment — the consultant has the right to use that portion for educational and marketing purposes. The consultant will take all necessary precautions to ensure no private information is disclosed without the client's verbal consent.

7. Amendments: These terms and conditions might be updated occasionally. The consultant reserves the right to change terms for as long as it is before the client agrees to it.

By paying and availing this service , the client acknowledges and agrees to the stipulated terms and conditions.


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